Sports & Teeth: Here’s What You Need to Know

Many families love to get their children connected to playing sports. There’s no wonder why! 

  • Sports allow your children to get active and exercise while having fun. 
  • They are able to spend time with their friends and learn how to play and interact with other peers. 
  • Sports helps children learn communication skills, commitment, and discipline. 

Whether your child is working on their jump shot or if they’re perfecting their kick to strike and score past a goalie, it’s important to include dental health in the conversation surrounding sports.


Play Defense with Dental Health in Sports

Before you get ready for a season of sports, you are more than likely scoping out some new shoes, getting the uniform just right, and stocking up on snacks to keep your athlete going. All of those things are crucial in preparing for the games and competition to come. 

There are also dental preparations you can take to ensure your kid has a safe experience while playing. As they say, sometimes the best offense is a good defense. 

At Shining Smiles Family Dentistry, we believe that prevention and thinking ahead can save a lot of hurt and headache in the future.


Consider these tips to get ready for the sports season ahead:

  1. Get to know the sport. Is your child playing basketball? Baseball? Swimming? Each sport requires different equipment. Talk to your child’s coach. Do they need a helmet? A helmet will certainly help shield your child’s mouth during play. Do they need a mouthguard? A mouthguard will give them an extra layer of protection between their teeth and gums and anything that the game throws their way.
  2. Stay current with a dental check-up. Routine dental checkups that include routine dental cleanings, digital x-rays, as well as an ongoing observation of the growth and development of your child’s mouth, will help your dentist have a better understanding and frame of reference of your child’s oral health before any type of dental injury could occur. It will be important for them to draw on the child’s dental history to see if there are any concerns to be discussed. Building that rapport with your Shining Smiles dentist will also support your family as a whole knowing you have a good oral care specialist on your team.
  3. Healthy snacks & hydration. Your child is going to be expending a lot of energy not just at games, but at all of the practices, too. Keep your kid fueled with snacks and drinks that benefit their oral health at the same time. You can never go wrong with water. Water will not only hydrate your child, but limiting sugary energy drinks will also protect your kid’s teeth in the process. Consider apples, carrots, and other healthy options that will promote overall health for their bodies and their teeth.
  4. Brush & floss every day. Life can get busy when you’re navigating school and sports, but healthy, daily habits do not have to suffer. Get your kid in the routine of brushing and flossing at least twice a day. Extra points if they do so after each meal. Include a toothpaste that has fluoride so your child can have that extra protection for their teeth.

Remember, accidents DO happen!

Accidents happen in life. Sometimes a ball can hit our mouths at exactly the right spot that can cause a tooth to break, gums to be compromised, or lose a tooth altogether. 

When you need us, we’ll be here. 

At Shining Smiles Family Dentistry in Marietta, GA, we are committed to caring for and serving your family in the good times and in the bad. Never hesitate to contact us if your child has experienced a dental injury due to sports. 

We truly have seen it all! 

Call our office to schedule a consultation and appointment before the injury progresses any further and becomes an emergency. Together we can cut it off at the pass and work together to get your kid back on the field!