Dental Diagnostic Imaging Services in Marietta

Dental diagnostic imaging is a valuable tool used at Shining Smiles Family Dentistry to discover oral health issues and help direct treatments. As a meticulous family dentist in Marietta, Dr. Shaila Mohip-Chahwala employs diagnostic imaging techniques to get the most accurate view of a patient’s teeth and gums. The information we learn helps guide your dental care to ensure the best restorative dentistry treatment plan.

Marietta diagnostic imaging services.

What Is Dental Diagnostic Imaging?

Diagnostic imaging uses a number of techniques for diagnosing and treating tooth, gum and other oral issues. In many cases, cavities, gum disease and other problems are hidden from sight, requiring an alternative approach. Diagnostic imaging uses techniques like intraoral and extraoral X-rays to identify problems that may otherwise lay undiscovered.

Intraoral Diagnostic Imaging – These are images taken inside the mouth. Techniques like periapical and bitewing X-rays focus on specific areas of the mouth, or give a view of the entire tooth.

Extraoral Diagnostic Imaging – This type of dental imaging focuses on the outside of the mouth and jaw. Dental computed tomography (CT), cone beam CT and panoramic X-rays offer 3D images that show soft tissue problems, emerging teeth, tumors and other issues.

Using Diagnostic Imaging for Dental Treatments

At Shining Smiles, Dr. Mohip is committed to delivering the best dental treatment to our patients. Many people have anxiety about visiting the dentist and some of the traditional techniques associated with dentistry. Because treatment options continue to evolve, today much of what we do is comfortable and minimally invasive. Diagnostic imaging processes are a key part of delivering reliable, gentle and pain-free dental care.

Reasons for Using Dental Diagnostic Imaging

  • Increased Clarity – Images are key to uncovering conditions not visible to the naked eye.
  • Precise Treatment – Detailed imagery allows for improved planning and targeted treatments.
  • Diagnostic Information – Can reveal abnormalities that require further investigation.
  • Early Diagnosis – Helps diagnose issues early before they lead to serious conditions.

Common Questions About Dental Diagnostic Imaging

Dental diagnostic imaging is safe for both adults and children. The procedure is performed in a safe environment and radiation exposure will be low. We will explain the diagnostic imaging process before use, and the benefits of a particular technique for your dental treatment.

No. The dental diagnostic imaging process is quite comfortable and painless. Patients undergo the assessment in our Marietta office, using up-to-date digital equipment. If you have any concerns, the team at Shining Smiles is happy to discuss these with you before the process begins.

Diagnostic imaging could find issues such as bleeding gums, gum disease, hidden cavities, jaw defects, tumors, abscesses and TMJ disorder.

Choose Dental Diagnostic Imaging for a Pain-Free Experience

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