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Cosmetic dentistry is a valuable treatment option provided by your family dentist in Marietta. An attractive smile directly impacts your self-confidence, which lifts the mood of those around you. More people than you realize just don’t like various aspects of their teeth – and therefore smile less. At Shining Smiles Family Dentistry in Marietta, Dr. Shaila Mohip-Chahwala takes a meticulous approach to cosmetic dental treatments and can help you achieve a dazzling smile.

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Cosmetic Dentistry Services

At Shining Smiles, we believe that everyone can have a stunning smile. Whether you require some small improvements or more significant dental work, we will provide an exceptional dental treatment plan. We use cutting-edge technology like laser dentistry and a considerate approach to guarantee a high-quality smile makeover. Here are some of the cosmetic dentistry services we offer.

Porcelain Veneers

Are you unhappy with the appearance of your teeth? Porcelain veneers can improve your smile with the finest materials. Each patient has a different result they want from veneers, and we take great care to find the perfect solution.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening helps to brighten and whiten teeth that have become discolored from food or drinks. Unlike over-the-counter options, our professional teeth whitening service whitens underneath the enamel. We are committed to providing a whitening solution to help brighten your smile.

Invisalign Braces

Invisalign® braces use clear aligners to precisely adjust crooked teeth. The team at Shining Smiles will work to give you a stunning smile. We understand that patients may have concerns about cosmetic procedures, so we are dedicated to providing comfortable and thorough corrective dental care from start to finish.

Crowns and Bridges

Crowns & bridges are used to cover or protect teeth that are damaged, cracked or discolored from trauma. They also can replace a filling or cover a tooth that has an odd shape. Crowns and bridges can help with your oral health as well as improve your self-confidence. Dr. Mohip can help you determine whether a crown or bridge is the right choice for your smile goals.

What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is a broad field focusing on aesthetic improvements of the teeth and gums. If you have stained, crooked, misaligned, uneven, cracked or broken teeth, you may decide to make a change. Cosmetic dentistry can alter the look of your teeth, whether it’s going a few shades whiter – or completely overhauling your smile. Dr. Mohip understands the importance of making cosmetic adjustments. Her calm, considerate approach helps provide the best dental treatments possible.

Here’s Why Patients Choose Shining Smiles Family Dentistry for Cosmetic Dentistry

  • We Deliver Exceptional Results – Shining Smiles takes great care with each cosmetic treatment and works with patients to create their perfect smile.
  • We Listen to Our Patients – Each patient has their own particular needs – we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all for your dental care.
  • We Offer Gentle and Caring Treatment – Dr. Mohip is recognized for her gentle and patient approach to dentistry that inspires confidence in each treatment.
  • We Are Experienced and Knowledgeable – The team at Shining Smiles is highly trained and skilled in each of their roles.
  • We Use Advanced Technology – Our use of technology allows us to produce careful and precise results for our patients.

The Main Reasons for Getting Cosmetic Dentistry

Each individual has their own reasons for choosing cosmetic dentistry. Some patients are looking to make aesthetic changes and recognize the benefits of cosmetic treatments. Other people will have suffered ill health or injury that has led to dental issues.

In addition, jaw misalignment or a crooked tooth that impacts your bite might not cause any immediate issues, but there could be a potential for future problems. Whatever the reason, Dr. Mohip takes time to listen to your concerns and develop a dental treatment plan to perfectly suit your needs.

Common Questions About Cosmetic Dentistry

There are various cosmetic solutions for a missing tooth. Dental implants can create a solid foundation for a natural-looking replacement tooth. Dentures provide an affordable solution, while crowns and bridges deliver the best quality appearance and a durable replacement.

Invisalign will not usually cause too much pain, but there may be some temporary soreness. While you may feel some initial discomfort, this will usually pass as you get used to the aligners. Most patients report Invisalign as being less painful than traditional braces.

Teeth whitening can dramatically improve the color of your teeth. However, if you have severely discolored and damaged teeth, you could choose veneers. Porcelain veneers are a high-quality cosmetic dentistry option to achieve whiter teeth.

Best Cosmetic Dentistry Services Near Me

If you would like to discuss any cosmetic dentistry treatment, contact Dr. Mohip-Chahwala today. Shining Smiles Family Dentistry delivers exceptional cosmetic dental care from our office in Marietta. To reach us, call (770) 420-8550 or request an appointment today.

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