Looking for a TMJ Dentist? Need TMJ Treatment in Marietta, GA?

If your jaw is popping, clicking, and causing you intense pain, we can help.

We all know that pain can have a significant impact on quality of life, and that’s certainly the case when it comes to temporomandibular joint disorders (commonly referred to as TMJ or TMD).

The TMJ is a type of “hinge” that connects the mandible to the temporal bone, and when it fails to move smoothly (due to trauma, injury, displacement, or dislocation) it can cause significant pain.

What are common TMJ symptoms?

The most common signs and symptoms patients experience with TMJ are a combination of the following:

  • Painful clicking or popping in the jaw that doesn’t go away
  • A change in the way the upper and lower teeth come together
  • Stiffness, numbness, or tingling in the jaw area
  • Ear pain (because of radiating pain and the TMJ being located close to the ear)
  • The inability to completely open and close your mouth

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms and are searching for relief, our Marietta dental practice can help. At Shining Smiles, Dr. Shaila Mohip-Chahwala is a dentist who treats TMJ problems, as well as a wide variety of other dental issues.

What treatments are available for TMJ disorder?

As mentioned previously, the most effective way to successfully diagnose and treat TMJ is to visit the dentist. At Shining Smiles Family Dentistry, we often recommend conservative treatments to patients using an oral appliance.

If you or a family member are suffering with jaw pain and think TMJ could be the culprit, call our office today or contact us here on our website to schedule your appointment.

TMJ pain isn’t something you have to live with. Take the first step toward a future with less jaw pain and discomfort by contacting us today.

Patients from the surrounding areas (Marietta, Dallas, Kingsland, St. Marys, etc) LOVE going to Shining Smiles Family Dentistry for TMJ treatment and other dental services! We look forward to meeting you, too.

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