Digital Dental X-Rays in Marietta, GA

A Safer Alternative

Overexposure to radiation is a real concern, and it is something that has kept some patients from getting the x-rays they need.

At Shining Smiles, we understand this concern, which is why we’ve invested in digital x-ray technology to make getting x-rays a much safer process.

In addition to exposing you and your loved ones to significantly less radiation, digital x-rays also enable our dentists to more accurately identify any potential dental problems that may need correcting.

For example, traditional x-rays on film cannot be modified or enhanced in any way, so dentists are essentially “stuck” with a black and white picture from one angle to evaluate. However with digital x-rays, we’re able to use computer software to magnify your x-rays, as well as provide contrast to see more.

The result? More clarity for our dentists, which means you and your family will receive more accurate diagnoses and better care.

If you’re looking for a dentist that has your safety, best interests, and overall health in mind, then please schedule your appointment with Shining Smiles Family Dentistry in Marietta today!

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