Will Invisalign Clear Aligners Fix Gaps in My Teeth?

Marietta Invisalign for teeth gaps.
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Invisalign® clear aligner treatment has transformed the field of cosmetic dentistry, delivering a comfortable and attractive alternative to metal braces. But while clear aligners help a range of dental issues, are they appropriate for one of the most common orthodontic issues – gaps in the teeth? Let’s examine whether Marietta patients can use Invisalign to fix this dental problem.

What Causes Gaps in the Teeth?

Diastema, or gaps between the teeth, can occur for various reasons. Causes could include mismatched tooth and jaw size, missing or undersized teeth, childhood habits like thumb sucking, as well as an overgrown labial frenum (the skin that connects the gum and the lips).

In many cases, teeth gaps will not pose any health issues, and aesthetic reasons may drive  patients to choose dental treatment to deal with gaps. However, diastema may lead to overcrowding, shifting of surrounding teeth, even the buildup of bacteria. Therefore, dental treatment may offer long-term oral health benefits to guard against future issues.

Can Invisalign Fix Gaps in the Teeth?

Invisalign is an effective treatment for gaps in the teeth, gradually shifting teeth into new positions. In addition, Invisalign clear aligners can correct an underbite, overbite, crossbite, crowded teeth and open bites. The treatment works in a similar fashion to traditional metal braces, but with some key differences. Crucially, clear aligners can be removed while eating and brushing, offering far greater convenience to patients.

During the alignment process, a patient will receive new sets of aligners for maximum precision. If the teeth are not responding as expected, new aligners are created and sent directly to the patient. In practice, those who stick to the Invisalign schedule for the duration of their treatment can expect the tooth gap to close. In some instances, however, your dentist may recommend an alternative approach if the gap is too big.

Why Is Invisalign an Effective Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment?

Invisalign offers many benefits for anyone looking to close a gap or overcome other orthodontic challenges. Here are a few advantages to consider.

  • Invisalign is almost invisible, offering aesthetic appeal.
  • Patients view a 3D scan of the results before treatment begins.
  • The aligners are comfortable and nearly pain-free.
  • Clear aligners can be removed for meals and oral hygiene needs.
  • There is no limit on food and drink intake.

And while traditional metal braces can also fix tooth gaps, they cannot provide the same level of comfort and visual appeal that the clear aligners offer. As part of a complete cosmetic and restorative dentistry treatment, Invisalign is undoubtedly the most simple way to fix teeth gaps without unnecessary pain or the expense of some alternative options.

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