Why Is Professional Teeth Whitening the Better Option?

Professional teeth whitening in Marietta
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A beautiful smile never goes out of style, and the vast number of available teeth whitening services only highlights this demand. Sadly, many at-home teeth whitening kits just don’t live up to the hype, leaving consumers frustrated. But there is a simple solution – professional teeth whitening from your Marietta dentist. Here are just some of the reasons why you should trust a dentist with your cosmetic dentistry procedures.

Benefits of Choosing Professional Teeth Whitening

Fast-Acting Teeth Whitening Treatment

Professional teeth whitening can be substantially faster-acting than other solutions. In many cases, you may require only one visit to your dentist to get teeth that are three to eight shades whiter. At Shining Smiles Family Dentistry, we use Zoom!® teeth whitening for fast results that are still affordable.

Safe and Reliable Treatment

Professional teeth whitening treatments are safe, with dentists assessing your teeth and gums and protecting them at all times. At-home kits cannot offer the same level of care, and some people do report gum sensitivity or irritation. In addition, there are cases of products that have left bleached enamel stains on teeth, ongoing sensitivity after use and so on.

Stronger Bleaching Agents

Because the process is monitored by trained dentists, professional whitening services can use stronger bleaching agents. The technology is also more advanced in your dentist’s office than an at-home treatment can offer. Whether you need a teeth whitening service for wedding season, a party, a vacation or any special event in your life, you can be assured of fast and eye-catching results.

Ability to Choose a Shade of White

Zoom teeth whitening is adaptable, ensuring you get the level of shading you desire. While some people want a bright and noticeable smile, others may choose to make a minimal adjustment. This technology – which works wonders against stubborn stains – allows your teeth to become up to eight shades lighter. In contrast, the average at-home kit won’t offer customization, and you may be left just hoping for the best.

Long-Lasting Teeth Whitening Results

Professional whitening will provide long-lasting results if you continue to look after your teeth. By limiting your consumption of problem foods like red wine and coffee, you can maintain a beautiful smile long into the future. In the case of at-home products, many people find they need to repeat their treatment soon.

Predictable Outcomes

Working with your Marietta dentist, you can achieve consistent whitening for all teeth. It may be possible to achieve similar results with at-home trays, but the results will be far less predictable. You’ll likely be using generic products that have not been customized to your teeth. As a consequence, some teeth will probably reach different shades of whitening – and less than satisfactory results. In addition, to deliver a stunning smile makeover, if you have crooked teeth you could choose Invisalign® treatment before whitening.

The Best Professional Teeth Whitening Services in Marietta

Shining Smiles Family Dentistry offers high-quality teeth whitening services from our Marietta dental practice. For teeth whitening, veneers and many other treatments, call (770) 420-8550 or request an appointment today.

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