Why Delaying a Cavity Filling Can Cost You More Later

Cavity fillings in Marietta.
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Tooth decay is a leading cause of oral health issues for patients young and old. In fact, most people will need dental fillings to fix cavities at some point in their life. And while your Marietta family dentist can offer fast solutions for tooth decay, many patients will delay getting a cavity filling until later, after the issue has gotten worse.

Why Is Delaying a Cavity Filling Bad for Dental Health?

A cavity filling is a simple solution to a problem that could have severe implications for your oral health. Let’s look at why delaying a cavity filling could be a costly decision.

Tooth Decay Will Continue

A small cavity might appear minor, yet without treatment it will grow until it reaches the nerve of the tooth. And as many people who have experienced tooth decay already know, enlarged cavities cause significant sensitivity and pain.

Cavities Cause Cosmetic Issues

Enlarged cavities may lead to dark spots and visible holes on a tooth, often affecting a person’s confidence. The longer you leave a cavity before seeking dental assistance, the greater the need for cosmetic dental treatment to repair the appearance of the smile.

Greater Risk of Tooth Loss

Cavities are unlikely to cause tooth loss when you get the necessary dental care. However, the tooth’s structural integrity may weaken if you delay the process. This weakening could eventually cause breaks, fractures or structural damage that would necessitate tooth removal.

One way to prevent cavities is by getting regular dental cleanings. Find out what to expect from a professional dental cleaning with our infographic.

Greater Risk of Infection

Untreated cavities increase the risk of infection, potentially leading to abscesses. An abscess is often painful, and the infection can actually spread to other areas of the body, causing general health concerns.

Increased Number of Dental Visits

The longer you put off getting a cavity filling, the greater the chance you’ll require multiple treatment visits. Your dentist might need to perform additional treatments and monitor the problem area carefully to ensure no infections occur. While you are in safe hands with an experienced dentist, the cost and time away from work could cost you more than a simple filling.

Complex Restoration Work May Be Required

The size of the cavity matters, as larger cavities will require more complex treatment. Depending on the extent of decay, your dentist might need to perform complex restoration work to return a tooth to good health. From dental implants to crowns, these additional treatments are more costly.

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