Who Is the Best Dentist for a Filling in Marietta, GA?

Marietta dentist for fillings
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Dental fillings are a fast and convenient way to treat cavities and tooth decay. With a short visit to your Marietta practice, your dentist can restore your tooth to good function. But with a range of different dental materials available, what should you look for from a dentist performing the procedure? Here are some of our recommendations for selecting the best dentist for fillings.

6 Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Dentist for a Filling

If you don’t have a regular Marietta dentist yet, you can consider the following questions before making a decision.

1. What dental filling materials are available?

Dentists use various materials during a filling procedure. Porcelain or composite fillings are the most popular choices for a durable, natural appearance. For a lower-cost alternative, amalgam fillings are tough, but the silver color is more visible.

2. How comfortable are you with the dentist?

Having a caring, friendly dentist for your dental procedure is helpful. Our dentist, Dr. Shaila Mohip-Chahwala, is known for her calm, patient-focused manner that helps put people at ease.

3. What is the cost of treatment?

Fillings will vary in cost depending on the material used, how many teeth require treatment, whether additional dental work is needed and so on. Your dentist will outline all costs in advance.

4. Is a filling the best treatment option?

While fillings treat tooth decay effectively, they won’t always be appropriate. If the decay has reached the pulp in the tooth, you may require root canal treatment. A dentist will conduct a comprehensive inspection before recommending a procedure.

5. Can the dentist help prevent the need for additional fillings?

Individuals often have various teeth at different stages of decay. Your dentist may recommend a filling for a cavity, while offering preventive treatment for other teeth. For example, getting your teeth cleaned can prevent cavities and reduce the need for additional fillings.

6. How long will the filling last?

When a person maintains good oral hygiene and has regular examinations, a filling will often last up to 20 years. However, in most cases fillings last between 5–15 years, depending on the material and location.

Common Stages of Dental Filling Treatment

A dental filling procedure will typically follow the following general stages.

Evaluation – A detailed examination that may include an X-ray.
Anesthetic – Numbing solution and local anesthetic prevent pain.
Drilling – Drilling removes decayed areas of a tooth and may include laser dentistry.
Application – A filling is shaped and hardened in place to restore the tooth.
Post-Treatment – Patients receive aftercare instructions for their procedure.

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