What Are the Main Reasons Someone Needs a Dental Crown?

Dental crown treatment in Marietta
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Dental crowns are one of the most common dental restoration treatments in the United States. When a person experiences a weakened or damaged tooth, a crown is often the most affordable, attractive and durable solution to the problem. But with a wide variety of cosmetic dentistry treatments available to Marietta patients, what are the main reasons someone would opt for a dental crown?

7 Reasons Someone May Need a Dental Crown

A crown is a custom-designed cap that covers a tooth. Usually made from porcelain, ceramic or metal, crowns are used in many of the following circumstances.

1. To Protect a Weakened Tooth

A cracked, chipped or broken tooth can be protected using a dental crown. In some cases, alternative options like dental bonding could be used. However, if the structural integrity of the tooth is in question, a dental crown is usually the best option.

2. To Restore a Decayed Tooth

A decayed tooth will get worse if it is left untreated. If the damage is too much for a filling or your dentist is concerned about the tooth breaking, a dental crown may be the preferred choice. The crown will prevent bacteria and acids from causing further damage.

3. To Improve the Appearance of a Smile

Dental crowns are often used when a tooth has become discolored or has an unusual shape. Each individual can get a personalized crown, ensuring a natural shape and color. If you take care of a dental crown, it will maintain its good appearance for many years.

4. To Cover a Tooth After a Root Canal

A root canal hollows out the inside of a tooth that has become infected. Consequently, the tooth is severely weakened and needs to be bolstered. One method to create a solid structure is to add a dental crown cover.

5. To Prevent Future Problems

While most dental crown treatments are intended to deal with existing issues, crowns are sometimes used to protect against future problems. For example, a minor tooth fracture might not be a problem today, but your dentist might recommend using a crown as a preventive measure.

6. To Protect Worn Teeth

Teeth grinding is a problem for many people, and leads to tooth enamel wearing down over time. A tooth is more exposed to bacteria and acids in foods when the enamel is worn. By adding a crown, you can maintain the structure and appearance of the tooth.

7. To Cover a Dental Implant

Dental implants are titanium screws that fuse with the jawbone to create an artificial tooth root. When the dental implant is in place, a porcelain crown is added to improve the appearance and structure of your smile.

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