What Are the Long-Term Benefits of Dental Examinations?

Marietta dental examinations.
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Most people understand regular dental visits are crucial for maintaining healthy teeth and gums. At Shining Smiles Family Dentistry, our interest in helping patients and the Marietta new dental patient special are just a couple of the ways we practice proactive oral care. But with so many people visiting a dentist only when they experience a toothache, it’s worth examining some of the long-term benefits of dental examinations.

The Main Benefits of Dental Examinations

Many of the benefits of dental examinations may not be immediately seen. However, over a longer period, patients can actually discover and prevent significant health issues.

Prevent Severe Gum Disease

Gum disease is a progressive condition that could lead eventually to tooth loss. In the early stages, a person may experience mild inflammation (called gingivitis). However, without adequate treatment this leads to periodontitis – and then advanced periodontitis. Fortunately, regular exams can identify gingivitis, then your dentist can recommend preventive measures.

Avoid Cavities

Many people consider cavities inevitable due to dietary factors and irregular oral hygiene. But in reality, taking a more long-term approach to overall health can significantly reduce the likelihood of tooth decay. During a dental exam your dentist may identify any areas of concern and in response, present better oral hygiene methods.

Ongoing Dental Health Reviews

Visiting your dentist every six months ensures you’ll receive an updated dental health review. We recently detailed seven reasons your mouth isn’t healthy. Your dentist understands these reasons and many others, and will be able to offer a comprehensive plan to improve the health of your teeth and gums.

Keep Your Original Teeth

When you take a long-term view of your dental health, losing a tooth (or teeth) will be less likely. From diagnosing gum disease and finding cavities to delivering tooth protection solutions like dental sealants, it’s possible to preserve the health of your teeth throughout your lifetime. In support of this point, a study published by the National Library of Medicine found that across age ranges, those who routinely attended dental appointments had better-than-average oral health and fewer missing teeth.

Improve Overall Health

Persistent oral health issues could lead to a weakened immune system, a higher risk of heart disease, along with other general health risks. Unfortunately, a buildup of bacteria due to tooth decay or advanced periodontitis can seriously impact one’s overall health. However, with regular examinations, these issues can be prevented. In addition, your dentist will screen for oral cancer to ensure early detection.

Better Self-Esteem

Tooth loss, decay and other dental issues are common causes of lower self-esteem. When a person feels self-conscious about their smile, it can gradually reduce confidence levels and impact interactions in social settings. Using our new patient exam special and family dentistry services are steps to overcoming these issues, offering a path to better oral health and a stunning smile.

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