Top Foods to Avoid if You Have Sensitive Teeth

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Sensitive teeth can turn everyday activities like eating and drinking into painful ordeals. As an established Marietta family dentist, we frequently help patients manage tooth sensitivity with expert guidance and appropriate treatment. Highlighting the foods that could trigger tooth pain is integral to this process, along with some long-term remedies for the discomfort.

What Foods Should I Avoid if I Have Sensitive Teeth?

As anyone with sensitive teeth already knows, many food and drink items can trigger pain. Here are some of the main types to avoid.

Acidic Foods and Drinks

Consuming acidic items such as citrus fruits, tomatoes, soda and wine can result in enamel erosion. When this protective hard coating is reduced the exposed dentin typically brings on increased sensitivity. Reducing your intake of these acidic food items can help preserve your enamel and alleviate sensitivity (though consuming fruit is essential to a healthy diet).

Sweet Foods and Beverages

Sugar-filled treats like candies, baked goods and sugary drinks contribute to tooth decay and aggravate sensitivity. By cutting down on sugar consumption you can maintain better oral health and decrease tooth sensitivity. Limiting your children’s sugar intake is also vital in protecting their long-term physical health.

Hot or Cold Foods and Drinks

Hot or cold foods and drinks such as coffee, tea, ice cream and soups can provoke sudden discomfort in sensitive teeth. To prevent pain, try to consume these items at more moderate temperatures. If you’re wondering the reasons why your teeth are so sensitive to hot and cold substances, the problem may be mild tooth decay or exposed dentin.

Hard and Crunchy Foods

Snacks such as nuts, popcorn and hard candies can put additional strain on sensitive teeth, causing pain and discomfort. To avoid irritation choose softer alternatives like cooked vegetables, yogurt or other dairy products, blended smoothies and so on.

Best Techniques for Preventing Tooth Sensitivity

Along with managing your diet, there are additional solutions to prevent tooth sensitivity.

Practice Good Oral Hygiene

Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to brush gently. Select a toothpaste specifically designed for sensitive teeth, and remember to floss daily

Attend Regular Dental Checkups

Routine dental checkups and cleanings can identify and address dental issues that may contribute to sensitivity. Make sure to discuss your sensitivity concerns with your dentist.

Experiment With Home Remedies

Home remedies such as saltwater rinses, the application of green tea bags or clove oil can offer some temporary relief from tooth sensitivity.

Get Guidance From a Dentist

If a cavity is the source of your sensitivity, your dentist may recommend composite dental fillings. Additional professional treatments for sensitivity include dental bonding, dental sealants and surgical gum grafts.

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