How to Cope With Dental Anxiety for a Stress-Free Checkup

Dental anxiety treatments in Marietta

Have you missed regular oral exams and dental cleanings due to dental anxiety? If your oral health has suffered because of dental anxiety, you might be a good candidate for sedation dentistry and other stress-relieving techniques. At Shining Smiles Family Dentistry in Marietta, we use various methods to minimize the anxiety involved with a dental visit. Here are some of the ways Dr. Shaila Mohip-Chahwala helps her patients feel calm and relaxed during checkups and treatment.

How We Help Patients Overcome Dental Anxiety

There is no single approach to dental anxiety that works for every patient. With that in mind, we use various methods that reduce the fear of dental treatment and put patients in the best frame of mind on the day of the visit, and for future checkups as well.

A Patient-Focused Environment for Dental Visits

We understand that dental anxiety often begins before you enter the dentist’s office. Therefore, creating a positive, welcoming environment starts from the initial communication with our team. Much anxiety is also alleviated by transforming the cold, clinical feel of a traditional waiting area and designing a friendlier and more comfortable environment.

Efficient Treatments and Waiting Times

Long delays and inefficient operations will almost certainly add to a person’s dental anxiety. By focusing on efficiency, patients get the treatment they need without being made to wait. Of course, patients will still receive the personal touch and can be assured of the very best treatment – but without further waiting that could boost dental fears.

Effective Sedation Dentistry

We understand that for some people, even the most soothing office and the friendliest staff will not be enough to alleviate their anxiety. Fortunately, there are several sedation dentistry techniques that consistently minimize the stress of a dental visit.

Sedation makes it easier to get your teeth cleaned, to undergo cosmetic treatments, get root canal treatment and much more. Depending on the severity of your dental anxiety and the type of treatment required, your dentist or hygienist may recommend one of three approaches.

  • Nitrous Oxide – A mild sedative that wears off quickly and doesn’t put patients to sleep.
  • Oral Sedatives – Anxiety-reducing medication that makes people sleepy (but still conscious).
  • IV Sedation – Often used for deep sedation during more extensive dental treatments.

Laser Dentistry Procedures

Thoughts of a dental drill often trigger a dental phobia. But cutting-edge laser dentistry is now used for many cosmetic and restorative dentistry treatments. From cavity repair and periodontal treatment to root canals and teeth whitening, fast and efficient laser technology offers a more comfortable procedure.

Trusted Family Dental Practice and Sedation Dentistry in Marietta

Shining Smiles Family Dentistry offers a broad range of family, restorative and cosmetic dentistry treatments in Marietta. If you struggle with dental anxiety, our sedation dentistry options ensure a calming, stress-free checkup or treatment. For more information, call (770) 420-8550 or request an appointment today.

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