Should I Pull a Tooth Myself?

Marietta tooth extraction guidance
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Anyone with a loose tooth and persistent, aggravating pain will recognize the urge to perform a DIY tooth extraction. And if you can’t access the support of your local Marietta restorative dentistry provider, you may feel like you don’t have many options. But before considering pulling that tooth yourself, it’s important to recognize the risks involved. If you have a loose tooth, here are the crucial things to know.

Should I Pull a Tooth Out Myself or Visit a Dentist?

The simple answer is no, do not pull that tooth. You should avoid pulling a tooth yourself and seek the help of a dentist instead. Understandably, a severe toothache can indeed feel unbearable, and often leads to people searching for immediate relief. However, the risks involved in extraction cannot be underestimated. And while you may be wondering how to pull out a tooth safely, the reality is that you could cause long-term tooth or jaw damage.

There’s an exception to this rule – it’s for a loose baby tooth. Most baby teeth will fall out on their own, but your child might ask for help removing a loose tooth that is bothering them. Follow our guide on if you should pull a baby tooth out or leave it alone for assistance.

Why Should You Avoid Pulling a Tooth?

Before looking for ways to pull a tooth, consider the following dangers that may be involved.

  • The pain could increase – Tooth extraction without anesthetic is likely to cause considerable pain.
  • Damage to surrounding teeth – Pulling a tooth out on your own risks damaging an adjacent tooth or the jawbone.
  • Risk of spreading the infection – Bacteria from a decaying tooth will likely enter the wound after a home extraction.
  • Restorative solutions may exist – You might be surprised to find your dentist has a therapeutic solution that can save the tooth.
  • You create a tooth gap – Pulling a tooth causes a gap that will impact both the surrounding teeth and your bite.
  • A replacement tooth is crucial – Even if you do pull a tooth, you will still need to visit a dentist to replace it.

When Is a Tooth Extraction Performed?

Adult teeth are permanent and not intended to be removed. Therefore, dentists will only recommend tooth extraction as a last resort. For example, when a tooth is badly decayed it could infect the surrounding teeth and jaw and cause damage.

Sometimes, biting down on hard food causes large cracks that cannot be repaired using restorative dentistry. In addition, wisdom teeth are a common source of dental issues. In instances like these your dentist may recommend tooth extraction and the use of dental implants, crowns or other restorative treatments.

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