What Are My Options for Getting My Chipped Tooth Fixed?

Marietta cracked or chipped tooth repair
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Fixing a chipped tooth is one of the most common tasks performed by Marietta cosmetic dentists. The teeth are vulnerable to chips, cracks and breaks, whether from biting down on hard food, to a fall, to a forceful blow to the face and so on. Surprisingly, enamel is actually the hardest substance in the body and is incredibly damage-resistant. However, the teeth are subjected to pressure, and a chipped tooth is an unfortunate reality for many people. So, what are your options for fixing broken teeth?

How to Get a Chipped Tooth Fixed

After breaking or chipping a tooth, patients often feel self-conscious about their smile – and even deal with pain. Fortunately, there are many solutions for fixing chipped teeth that use a practical approach.

Identifying a Chipped or Broken Tooth

While you can’t miss a chipped front tooth, issues with teeth in the back of the mouth won’t always be obvious. Sensitivity to hot or cold liquids is a common sign of a problem. Also, running your finger or tongue over the tooth should identify a break.

Don’t Delay in Contacting Your Dentist

Tooth damage is not something to ignore, as bacteria can lead to further decay and increased pain. At the first sign of a cracked or broken tooth, contact your Marietta dentist for an appointment.

Dental Crown

Using a dental crown is an effective treatment when there’s a significant level of damage. The crown is placed over the whole tooth, offering protection and an improved appearance. One difference between a dentist and a cosmetic dentist is the attention paid to aesthetics – and crowns deliver an attractive, natural appearance by using high-quality porcelain.


Dental fillings can also look natural and restore the appearance of your smile. Fillings are typically used as a restorative process that provides the tooth with long-term durability. In the back of the mouth, fillings are usually added to a minor chipped tooth.

Dental Bonding

Similar to fillings, dental bonding also offers a quick, attractive solution for a tooth with a smaller chipped area. Naturally-colored composite resin is added to the damaged part of the tooth. Ultraviolet light then hardens the resin, providing a hard-wearing, natural appearance. And using color matching techniques, the bonding will look identical to the natural tooth.


Porcelain veneers are an effective dental treatment to tackle a substantially chipped tooth. The process involves creating a custom porcelain veneer that is applied to the front of the damaged tooth. In some cases, patients may also choose to have multiple veneers made for cosmetic improvements to their smile. Veneers are a great choice when you want to combine cosmetic and restorative dentistry to fix a chipped tooth.

Professional Marietta Cosmetic Dentist for Chipped Tooth Repair

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