Gum Disease Prevention, Progression & Treatment Infographic

Gum Disease Prevention, Progression and Treatment Infographic
Gum disease is a severe dental condition that often leads to tooth loss for many patients. And while dealing with infected, inflamed and bleeding gums can cause various issues, you can usually prevent the worst symptoms. Preventing tooth loss is possible due to the gradual progression of this disease. By understanding the stages of gum disease, you can take early action with the help of your Marietta dentist.

At Shining Smiles Family Dentistry, we want to help you avoid gum disease by maintaining a healthy mouth and teeth. Please consider sharing our gum disease infographic to help others understand more about this condition, including how to prevent and treat gum disease.

In the meantime, let’s review the progression of gum disease. Be sure to scroll to the bottom for the complete infographic.

The Gradual Progression of Gum Disease

Gum disease gets progressively worse if you don’t take action. But how the issue is treated – and the repercussions for your oral health – will vary depending on the stage of the disease. Due to the many factors that influence gum disease, it can progress at different rates.

For instance, if you don’t brush your teeth gingivitis can occur within a few days. Over weeks or months, this inflammation can progress to periodontitis. However, as detailed in a National Library of Medicine study, periodontitis occurs in episodes – short phases where tissue is lost, and long phases where the disease doesn’t progress at all.

Initial Stages

The initial stages could be considered to start when your gums are still healthy, but dental care is being neglected. Perhaps you have not scheduled oral exams or dental cleanings for a while, and your flossing is more sporadic.


As plaque builds up, the gum tissue turns from pink to a darker red, signaling inflammation and swelling. It’s important to take this bacterial buildup seriously, as treatment at this stage can usually resolve gingivitis relatively quickly.

Mild to Moderate Periodontitis

Symptoms of mild to moderate periodontitis can appear similar to gingivitis. However, what is not immediately visible often causes significant problems. Periodontal pockets below the gum line begin to expand, allowing bacteria to grow. In addition, the infection extends deeper into the tissue and causes some initial bone loss. Watch out for bleeding gums as a sign of periodontitis.

Severe Periodontitis

The advanced stages of periodontitis see even larger pockets forming, with a greater amount of bone loss. At this point, teeth could become wobbly or even fall out. But while this advanced periodontitis is a serious health concern, your dentist has a range of restorative dentistry treatments to improve oral health.

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