Does Getting Your Teeth Cleaned Prevent Cavities?

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Untreated cavities are one of the leading causes of infections and tooth loss. With early detection and treatment, including dental fillings, ongoing tooth decay is preventable. However, taking steps to limit the possibility of cavities is a preferable option. But how effective are routine dental cleanings with your Marietta dentist, and can they prevent cavities?

Will Dental Cleanings Prevent Cavities?

From poor oral hygiene to medication, there are many reasons why a person gets cavities. Dental cleanings play an important role in both preventing tooth decay and treating it before the problems impact your dental health.

And while dental cleanings alone won’t guarantee cavity-free teeth, they are a critical factor in a wide-ranging oral hygiene routine. So what are some of the ways dental cleanings prevent cavities?

Reduce Plaque and Tartar

A buildup of plaque and tartar is among the leading causes of cavities in patients of all ages. Plaque from sugars forms on the teeth, and when not effectively cleaned will harden into tartar. These conditions are perfect for bacteria to grow and cause tooth decay. Getting your teeth cleaned by a professional will remove hardened tartar before cavities form.

Target Hard-to-Reach Areas

In maintaining good oral hygiene, it can be challenging to reach certain areas in the mouth. Spaces between the teeth and those areas blocked by crowding are difficult to clean, allowing plaque and tartar to form more easily. Fortunately, your dentist has specialized tools to remove plaque and tartar and techniques to reduce formation.

X-Rays Identify Areas of Concern

Some issues are undetectable through a visual examination. However, your dentist can take a dental X-ray of teeth and gums to see hidden decay, infection and other issues.

Strengthen Enamel

Enamel is a strong defense against cavity formation in your teeth. Unfortunately, habits such as smoking, eating sugary or acidic foods, poor dental hygiene and other issues can weaken the enamel and put teeth at risk for decay. During teeth cleanings, dentists often use fluoride to strengthen enamel against cavities.

Polish Tooth Surfaces

Bacteria can form in the uneven areas of a tooth. One way to prevent this issue is through tooth polishing. Your dentist may recommend polishing to smooth teeth surfaces and reduce bacteria buildup.

Patients Receive Practical Advice

Making improvements to dietary habits and oral hygiene routines requires access to accurate information. Dental cleanings and oral exams are a good time to ask questions and get answers. During a visit, your dentist can offer practical advice that reduces the likelihood of developing cavities.

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