Do Clear Aligners Like Invisalign Lead to Cavities?

Clear aligner Invisalign treatment in Marietta
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Invisalign® clear aligners are one of the most popular ways to fix orthodontic issues in the United States. With their comfortable, nearly invisible technology, it’s easy to see why people opt for custom-made, clear braces to straighten their teeth. However, due to concerns about cavities some Marietta patients have reservations about using Invisalign. But is this fear warranted – and can you achieve a stunning smile without getting cavities?

Does Invisalign Lead to Cavities?

Will clear aligners cause cavities? The quick answer is no. But to understand how to maintain good oral health, it’s very important to take a closer look at the treatment process.

Clear aligners themselves are actually an effective long-term solution for fighting cavities and tooth decay. This is because a misaligned bite, crooked teeth and crowding make it difficult to clean your teeth effectively, and this often results in a buildup of bacteria and plaque. Subsequently, cavities form, and without proper treatment teeth will continue to decay.

Invisalign works for kids and adults by making the treatment process as convenient and comfortable as possible. However, there is a concern that the clear aligners trap bacteria from food, therefore preventing saliva from delivering its natural protection.

And while it is true that clear aligners can trap bacteria, this only happens when patients fail to follow the simple cleaning steps. Unlike fixed braces, people can quickly remove and clean their aligners, ensuring hygienic, germ-free trays.

How to Prevent Cavities During Invisalign Treatment

After searching for Invisalign near me and scheduling a consultation, you can begin your smile transformation. During this process your Marietta dentist will explain how to clean your aligners and properly care for your teeth.

The Main Steps for Preventing a Cavity

  • Maintain your regular routine of brushing your teeth twice daily and flossing regularly.
  • Clean your teeth by brushing or thoroughly rinsing with water after every meal.
  • Rinse out the clear aligner trays before putting them back in your mouth.
  • Gently brush the aligners with a separate toothbrush each night and soak in a cleaning solution.

This process will ensure your mouth is clean and the aligners are free from bacteria. While this process will require some discipline, most people quickly get used to the simple routine.

How to Treat Dental Cavities

In the unfortunate event that you get a cavity, simple solutions are available. Cavities can be reversed in their earliest stages with the assistance of fluoride toothpaste. However, as the tooth decays, it may be necessary to get a dental filling to prevent further decay. As always, regular dental exams are vital to detecting and treating issues before they start putting your oral health at risk.

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