5 Steps to Straight Teeth with Invisalign [Infographic]

Five Steps to Straight Teeth With Invisalign

Do you have crooked, misaligned or protruding teeth that make you hide your smile? While these concerns are common, they don’t have to be permanent with the help of an Invisalign® dentist. Invisalign aligners are the perfect option for anyone trying to straighten their teeth without the use of metal braces or veneers. At Shining Smiles Family Dentistry in Marietta, we are here to walk you through the Invisalign process on your way to a stunning smile.

The 5-Step Invisalign Process

1. Schedule a Consultation

A consultation with our dentist Dr. Shaila Mohip-Chahwala includes a thorough evaluation to determine if you are an appropriate candidate for Invisalign. The assessment will look for any dental issues that could cause problems, and it’s also an opportunity for you to ask questions. After the consultation, you should have a clear understanding of the process – and what you can expect once everything is done.

2. Create Custom Aligners

To create custom aligners, your cosmetic dentist takes X-rays and impressions of your teeth that are made into 3D models. One of the key benefits of this process is the ability to create customized aligners that can make either small alterations or radically change your smile. Plus, before you begin, our advanced technology can show you how your smile will look.

3. Wear Your Aligners

Custom aligners are typically worn for about two weeks before you change to a new set. This process allows the teeth to gradually shift into their new positions. However, to achieve results you will need to wear the aligners all day except to eat, brush and floss. When dealing with teenagers and dental treatment requirements, parents may need to highlight the need for consistent use of the aligners.

4. Attend Dental Appointments

To ensure the process is running smoothly, you will need to see your dentist around every six to eight weeks. Attending these regular appointments will ensure the aligners are performing as expected. If a patient wears their aligners off-and-on, or doesn’t wear them at all for long periods, progress will be slowed and the schedule may have to change.

5. Enjoy Your New Smile

While the duration of an Invisalign treatment varies, it will usually take around 12 to 15 months. Following the treatment, your dentist will give you a retainer and advise on the length of time you should wear it to maintain results. At this point, you are free to show off your new straight smile and enjoy the results of one of the more affordable and reliable cosmetic dentist treatments available.

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